Technical basis

Technical basis

Pension funds use technical bases to calculate their obligations. These bases are founded on multi-year statistics drawn from large, mainly private pension schemes. Probability data are collected in relation to death, disability, civil status, children, etc. In addition, a technical interest rate is specified for the discounting of future pensions.

Based on these probabilities and the technical interest rate, the pension scheme calculates the conversion rate and the obligations for pension recipients (financing and discount rates).

The following technical bases are applied by the Galenica Pension Fund as of 31 December 2016:

For pension obligations:
BVG 2015 (Mortaly table)
Discount rate 2.5%

For conversion rates:
BVG 2010 (Accountig table)
Financing rate 3.5%

As the probabilities of death and disability are constantly changing, the applied technical bases must be regularly checked and adjusted if necessary.


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