The participant is entitled to a disability pension from the Galenica Pension Fund provided that he/she was insured by our Pension Fund when the disability occurred (start of one-year waiting period pursuant to disability insurance) and that there is a legal provision on disability insurance pension payments. For fully disabled persons, the disability pension equals the statutory normal retirement pension, not to exceed 65% of the insured salary. Pension payments start following receipt of all necessary documentation and after expiration of salary entitlement or the daily allowance that replaces it. We reserve the right to coordinate with other social insurance schemes (accident insurance, military insurance, disability insurance, etc.).

Participants who receive a disability pension are entitled to a disabled person's child's pension for children until they reach the age of 20. If the children are still in education or at least 70% disabled, this entitlement continues until they reach the age of 25. The disabled person's child's pension is equivalent to 20% of the disability pension for each eligible child.


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