Joining/leaving the scheme

Joining/leaving the scheme


The employer notifies the Galenica Pension Fund about the entry of a new person to be insured. After the entry has been processed, the new participant will receive their personal documents showing all data and information concerning the insurance relationship.

From 1 January of the following year, the participant may choose the Plan Plus pension plan. In this case, the participant voluntarily pays the same savings contributions as the employer (9.1% instead of 6.5%), which increases the benefits. Written notification of this option will be sent in December to participants who join the company during the year and who are 25 years of age or older. Any change may be made on 1 January.

Arrangements regarding the transferral of vested benefits from their previous pension scheme to the Galenica Pension Fund must be made by participants themselves. Our payment address is:

Credit Suisse
8070 Zürich
IBAN CH84 0483 5064 6716 8100 0
Zu Gunsten Galenica Personalvorsorgestiftung, Stammkonto


The employer notifies the Galenica Pension Fund about the departure of a participant. As soon as we have received the exit form, we will transfer the termination benefit to the new employer's pension fund.

If the departing participant does not have a new employer, the pension provision must be maintained in another form. This can be done by transferring the termination benefit to a vested benefits account at a bank or to a vested benefits policy with an insurance company.

Cash payment is only permitted in the case of participants who leave the country permanently or who become self-employed as their main occupation, or in the event that the termination benefit is very low. Specific conditions apply if a participant leaves the country for an EU/EFTA member state. In this case, please contact us.

If you are older than 58 when you leave the Fund, our regulations allow you to take retirement. However, if you have a new employer or have applied to receive benefits under unemployment insurance, your termination benefit can be transferred to your new pension scheme.


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