Employee benefit committee

Employee benefit committee

The Employee Benefit Committee is responsible for the following tasks among others:

– Preparing the activities of the Board of Trustees
– Carrying out the Board of Trustees' decisions
– Realising the asset structure and monitoring investment activities
– Monitoring the activities of management

Neutral Chairman

Henri Michel Wieland, Bern

Employer Representatives

Felix Burkhard, Galenica AG, Bern
Alexandros Sigalas, Vifor Pharma Management AG, Glattbrugg

Employee Representatives

Ulrich Christen, Galexis AG, Niederbipp
Sylvia Siegrist Iunker, OM Pharma SA, Genf


Galenica Pension Fund
Untermattweg 8
3001 Bern

Tel. +41 58 852 87 00
Fax +41 58 852 87 01