Galenica PVS Online

Galenica Online

Galenica PVS Online lets you consult your insurance data quickly and easily over the Internet. Are you interested in your insurance benefits after a buy-in or making an early withdrawal to purchase a residential property? With Galenica PVS Online, it’s easy to simulate transactions and find out the information you want. And of course, you can print out your latest insurance certificate at any time.

Are you already receiving an old age or disability pension? Then with Galenica PVS Online, you can print out a pension statement or the pension certificate for your tax return for last year or this year.

To access Galenica PVS Online you need a personal log in. The access code to log in for the first time can be found on your insurance certificate or pension statement.


Galenica Pension Fund
Untermattweg 8
3001 Bern

Tel. +41 58 852 87 00
Fax +41 58 852 87 01