In the event of the death of a participant or a disabled or retired person, the surviving partner (spouse, partner in a registered partnership, co-habiting partner with corresponding declaration in writing) is entitled to a surviving partner’s pension. The surviving partner’s pension amounts to 70% of the insured disability pension, or for a pension recipient, 70% of the current pension at the date of death. We reserve the right to coordinate with other social insurance schemes (accident insurance, military insurance, disability insurance, etc.).
If on the death of an active participant no surviving partner’s pension is due and if the deceased did not make an early withdrawal to purchase residential property, then a lump sum in the amount of the retirement savings will be paid out. The beneficiaries of the lump sum death benefit can be found in our regulations.


Regula Schlachter

Regula Schlachter

Deputy Manager Responsable for HCI Solutions AG and Galenica AG and all questions about divorc, retirement, disability and death

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