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The Galenica Pension Fund pays retirement, survivors’ and disability benefits. It is a modern, dynamic system characterised by a high degree of transparency and above-average benefits.

How you benefit:

  • Significantly higher benefits than prescribed by law
  • Good coordination of benefits with those of the state old age and surviving 
    dependents (AHV) and disability (IV) insurance, compulsory health and 
    accident insurance, military insurance and other additional social or 
    voluntary insurance schemes
  • Surviving partner’s pension (regardless of gender; for spouse, partner with 
    whom living in a registered partnership or co-habiting partner with 
    corresponding declaration)
  • Very high degree of flexibility (choice of monthly pension payments or lump-
    sum pay-out)
  • Possibility of pre-financing early retirement
  • Possibility of partial retirement

On transferring, all new retirees receive a pension statement containing all the details of their monthly benefits. A tax statement for the prior year is sent before the January pension payment.


Regula Schlachter

Regula Schlachter

Deputy Manager Responsable for HCI Solutions AG and Galenica AG and all questions about divorc, retirement, disability and death

Galenica Pension Fund

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