Pension scheme

Pension scheme

In addition to the standard benefits, which are described in the regulations and in the "Regulations in brief" document, the Galenica Pension Fund seeks to continually improve benefits for participants and pension recipients.

The improvements in benefits for participants are made according to the principles of:

  • Parity
  • Flexibility
  • Solidarity

Additional interest (parity)
Through additional interest on retirement capital, all participants share in the Fund's good results.

Promotion of early retirement (flexibility)
The aim of promoting early retirement is to limit the financial impact this could have by building up a special reserve. Contributions are credited to the participant on an individual basis. If the results allow, the Fund will also make additional contributions. The reserve can also be increased by means of contributions made by the participant or the company.
For pension recipients, the aim is to ensure that pensions are fully adjusted for inflation.

Matching of retirement benefits targets (solidarity)
The projected pension is compared with that necessary for the personal retirement benefits target. Any participants who have not yet reached their targets are able to benefit from an improvement as the results allow.


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