The Galenica Pension Fund was founded on 22 October 1940 by Galenica Ltd (now Galexis Ltd).

In line with its articles of association, the purpose of the Fund is to insure employees of Galenica Ltd against the financial consequences of aging, disability and death by means of an occupational pension.

The Galenica Pension Fund is managed according to the defined contribution principle. This means that individual savings are increased for each participant by means of the employee and employer contributions made.

The Galenica Pension Fund is a partially autonomous pension fund as certain peak risks are reinsured by means of stop-loss insurance.


Galenica Pension Fund

Untermattweg 8
P.O. Box
CH-3001 Bern

+41 58 852 87 00
+41 58 852 87 01

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