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The aim of the Galenica Pension Fund is to continuously offer attractive benefits for its participants and pension recipients, both now and in the future. Through targeted information and by looking at current issues, participants and pension recipients are kept up to date on the performance and activities of the Fund.

Financial benefits

Together with the full old age and surviving dependents (AHV) pension, the Fund aims to achieve a retirement benefits target of 70% of the final base salary. In addition to appropriate financing, this aim should be achieved through improvements in benefits. In our Fund, these are based on three pillars:

1. Parity
All participants and pension recipients should share in the Fund's excellent results through additional interest on retirement capital for participants as well as pension increases.

2. Flexibility
The Fund promotes the option of early retirement through additional contributions to participants.

3. Solidarity
Participants are supported through contributions if they have not yet achieved their personal retirement benefits target.

Information and communication

Keeping participants and pension recipients informed is extremely important to us. We do so using all applicable means of communication.

1. Written

  • Regulations
  • Annual report
  • Insurance certificate
  • In-house magazine (SPOT)
  • Information on specific issues (e.g. residential property)

2. Electronic

  • Own homepage

3. In person

  • Individual meeting
  • Information events
  • Courses (e.g. preparing for retirement)


Galenica Pension Fund

Untermattweg 8
P.O. Box
CH-3001 Bern

+41 58 852 87 00
+41 58 852 87 01

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